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    6 Ways Your CPS Membership Could be an Absolute Lifesaver!

    Do you own a Canon EOS 1D series, 5D series or the latest EOS R system? If you’ve answered yes—congratulations, you could be in for a real treat from Canon Professional Services (CPS)! Be sure to read this article till the end.

    What is CPS and why is it important?

    CPS is an exclusive member programme for Canon professional photographers which allows access to a wide range of benefits and entitlements. It exists because Canon professional camera equipment (like all our products), are high-performance devices that are engineered for absolute precision and amazing low-light performance. In a nutshell, these are instruments designed to function flawlessly every time you freeze those picturesque, breathtaking moments in time forever. As a photographer, you’d expect nothing less than perfection each time you click the shutter and CPS will help you achieve just that. Without further delay, let’s dive right into what a CPS membership really entails, and the value-add it brings to all Canon professional photographers out there.

    1. CPS Exclusive Warranty Extension

    Depending on your CPS membership tier, you could be looking at up to 12 months* of extended warranty for your camera and lens. Now, why is this important again? Well, a longer period where you won’t have to worry even if something happens to your gear, is basically—greater peace of mind.

    2. Discounts

    We think the majority of photographers can all agree on one thing, and that is—Canon professional cameras and lens aren’t exactly the things we’d classify as inexpensive. So, in the event of some equipment mishaps, what’s the harm in being able to enjoy up to 40% discounts on labour fees*, or up to 10% discount* on replacement parts? Zero, nil, nada. Let’s face it, photography can get quite pricey sometimes, so we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be safeguarding your wallet.

    3. Free Sensor Cleaning

    One of the best way to ensure your camera gear stays consistently in tip-top condition is to give them their much-needed maintenance and servicing every once in a while. With up to 3 times free sensor cleaning service* per membership year, CPS offers a good avenue for photographers to let their equipment be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by our skilled technicians at a Canon Customer Care Centre. This pre-emptive method of detecting and resolving potential issues could save you from a ton of trouble, before trouble troubles you. It’s a surefire way to reduce the possibility of any technical hiccups that may interfere with your work or hobby.

    4. Priority Repair Service

    As much as we don’t wish for them, sometimes, accidents can still occur and your camera equipment becomes the ultimate victim. But then, you’ve still got work to be done, shoots to finish in the studio, or new photography techniques you’d like to experiment with. What then? The good news is, as a CPS member, your camera equipment will receive priority repair service* above non-CPS repairs. At times like these, it is good to know that your camera gear isn’t only in the best hands at Canon Customer Care Centre, but also the fact that they’ll be our top priority. Things are expedited just for you while we give our best to reduce as much equipment downtime, and return the fully repaired camera back to you as soon as possible. It’s a good feeling when you know you’re VIP.

    5. Free Back-up Equipment Loan

    But hey, what if you can’t postpone that shoot, or your client has already scheduled a flight for you and there is no way your camera equipment would be repaired and returned to you in time for the assignment? Well, as a CPS gold member, you’ll have the privilege of enjoying free back-up equipment loans* to tide you over your equipment downtime. It’s this strategic support made available in times of need that you’ll be thanking yourself big time, for remembering to sign-up for your free CPS membership in the beginning! In fact, there would also be instances where Canon Professional Services would be present at major events to provide on-site equipment maintenance and support for our Canon professional photographers. Wherever possible, we’d like to be there to support you.

    6. Regional Coverage

    Now, let’s presume you’re in a foreign land for a photography assignment but you’ve just detected an issue with your camera, or perhaps—it’s another equipment mishap. What do you do then? In these situations, we would highly encourage you to locate the nearest Canon Customer Care Centre and bring your equipment there. The reason is: your CPS membership allows regional coverage* and support spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and India. Now, wouldn’t that give you more reassurance and peace of mind? We’ll leave that answer to you.

    Your Next Step

    Safeguard your photographic interests. Don’t wait until calamity hits. Check your eligibility and become a CPS Member for free. Better to be safe than sorry!

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    * Subject to the availability and terms and conditions available on https://cps.asia.canon/ (may differ between country or region). Benefits may differ for CPS Silver & Gold members in different country or region.