FAQ - Canon Professional Services - Canon Vietnam



    1. How do I qualify for CPS and what are the benefits?

    You may refer to the Benefits page for more details by clicking here.

    2. What are the Terms and Conditions of the CPS membership?

    Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for detailed eligibility and requirements.

    3. What is the period of my membership validity?

    The period of your CPS membership validity is 3 years from the date your application was approved.

    4. Should I update CPS with my change of address?

    For your own protection, we require that you always keep your current address up to date with CPS. Update your address and contact information at CPS Enquiries.

    5. Is there a grace period after my current CPS membership expires?

    There is no grace period. Your membership expires on the expiration date stated on your CPS member card/e-card. Renewals can be done 60 days prior to your expiration date at CPS Enquiries.

    6. How do I renew my CPS membership?

    60 days prior to the expiration of your three year membership term, a renewal notice e-mail will be automatically sent to you. You may request for a renewal at CPS Enquiries. Renewal of your membership should be done as soon as possible to prevent any gap in your membership status. Once your renewal is complete, you will be sent a new CPS Membership e-Card.

    7. What happens if I renew my current CPS membership early?

    Although you have the option to upgrade your membership at any time during the year, you will not have the option to renew your membership until 60 days prior to the current expiration date. Your renewal will start from your current expiration date rather than the date you activated the renewal.

    8. What happens if I allow my membership to expire?

    You will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of Canon Professional Services membership and your membership information will be deleted from our system.

    Equipment Loan

    1. How do I qualify for loan backup equipment?

    Loaning of backup equipment is only applicable for Gold members, and in the event of Priority Repair Service turnaround time cannot be met. Loaning of backup equipment is also subjected to equipment availability and equipment loan terms and conditions.

    2. Where can I request for backup loan equipment?

    Please refer to the list of service centres here.

    3. What types of equipment are available for loan?

    The equipment models available for loan will depend on the availability of the equipment.

    4. How do I add more equipment to my existing list?

    You may send us the new equipment details at CPS Enquiries.